The pricing* of our courses** are as follows.

Amount Item
£25 Registration fee
£200 Deposit for the course (20 hours à £10/hr)***
£225 Total

*) The word pricing should be explained. Ideally, we would want the courses to be free.

The registration fee is non-refundable and covers part of the cost of running the administration and online platforms.

The deposit amount cannot be changed. Still, at the end of the course it is up to you, what you wish to give for the course. The deposit is thus partially or fully refundable, at the end of the course–might you wish to be refunded–except if you did not show up, and therefore occupied a place that could have been taken by someone else. The amount of £10 per hour is merely a suggestion of what seems a reasonable average of what you might wish to give. You are free to give less (in which case, you’ll receive a refund) or more. (When giving refunds, we do not subtract any costs bound up in the moving of moneys, e.g. currency conversion, wiring costs, etc…)

May we appeal to you that at the end of the day, your donations are not a luxury, but literally cover the food, shelter, and clothing of our teaching-scholars.

**) Courses offerings are subject to availability. This depends greatly on the time of meeting and the start date of a course.

***) Please note, after one class has completed, opting out of the course, might result in your deposit becoming a non-refundable fee, because it potentially has prevented someone else from having joined the course.