Our vision is inspired by the two famous statements that follow.

First, “faith without works is dead.” (James 2:20)

Second, concerning the question which is greater, study or practice, one rabbi (Akiva) answered “study,” yet another rabbi (Tarfon)¬†answered “practice.” As a compromise it was eventually decided that “study is more important because it leads to practice.” (Babylonian Talmud, Qiddushin 40b)

The two go hand in hand. The former is pre-eminent, yet, is empty, without the latter.

Many years of experience in teaching has shown us that much teaching is like seed not coming to fruition. True, studying is noble. However, the environments in which study take place, often do not provide the right soil for seeds to sprout forth. One reason is a lack of attention to practice. Another reason is the academic neutral or sometimes even hostile environment, for example for the sake of neutrality or supposed academic objectivity.

Technology is ever expanding and we see e-learning as one of its positive outcomes. It can connect people with a shared goal from all over the world. In contrast to some other places, our courses are confessional in that they presume the Bible to be God’s Word. And it is not only the supreme status of Scripture, but also the subsequent focus of 50% of our time looking at the practical implications of the discussed theory that sets our courses apart, from many a confessional setting.

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